2013 MLB Preview: Top 10 Lineups

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Top 10 Lineups in 2013 MLB Season

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The 2013 MLB season is right around the corner and many people are gearing up for what should be one of the most exciting seasons in recent memory.

Some teams loaded up their starting lineups in order to win, and win now. Teams like the Los Angeles Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays and Detroit Tigers showed no mercy or desire to save money this offseason as they signed and re-signed a wealth of players.

It's not often you see a team win the World Series without a dominant starting lineup like the San Francisco Giants did in 2012. They won with great pitching and above average hitting. Will we see that again in 2013?

The pecking order of top lineups in baseball is subject to what people consider the best. If people like on base percentage and stealing bases, then the Oakland Athletics might be included in this conversation. If you think power, run production and overall batting average is what should be comprised to be considered the best, then the Los Angeles Angels will be your team.

I will be judging upon the latter of the two. I will be looking at potential of each lineup to score runs and the likelihood they will produce in 2013.

The 2013 season is sure to be a good one. Will the San Francisco Giants have a solid lineup even with the loss of Melky Cabrera? Will the Los Angeles Dodgers and Toronto Blue Jays be successful with a revamped lineup or will they crumble like the Miami Marlins did in 2012? All these questions are sure to be answered soon enough, but here's my list of top 10 lineups in baseball.

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10. New York Yankees

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The New York Yankees barely made this list. If it were a month ago, they would be in the middle of the top-10. The Bronx Bombers are missing a few key pieces including Curtis Granderson and Mark Teixeira due to injury. Also, most of their offense from last season is no longer with the team.

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9. Washington Nationals

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The Washington Nationals got off to an extremely slow start in 2012, averaging just 3.84 runs per game. Following that, they picked up a bit, averaging almost five runs per game for the rest of the season. If they are the team they were in the second half, their offense could easily climb up this list. Bryce Harper will play a huge role in their success.

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8. Atlanta Braves

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One of the top young lineups in baseball happens to be the Atlanta Braves. The Braves are a franchise that is used to winning and with their talented lineup from top to bottom, they could continue that in 2013. Jason Heyward, Justin Upton, Freddie Freeman and B.J. Upton could make the best two through five hitters in baseball.

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7. Cincinnati Reds

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The addition of Shin-Soo Choo will loom large for the Cincinnati Reds. The rest of the National League is not so happy that the Reds have added a solid top-of-the-order guy. With Joey Votto seemingly healthy and the same core lineup as last year, they will surely make yet another playoff run.

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6. Texas Rangers

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Losing Josh Hamilton may not hurt the Texas Rangers too much as they added former superstar Lance Berkman. Berkman can still produce and will do so in this lineup. Adrian Beltre and Nelson Cruz following Berkman in the order can be nothing but good for this lineup. Scary power from top to bottom.

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5. Los Angeles Dodgers

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The Los Angeles Dodgers could easily be No. 1 on this list with all they have added in the past year. They've added former all-star Carl Crawford, Hanley Ramirez and Adrian Gonzalez, making for a scary lineup. However, Ramirez was injured in the World Baseball Classic and will miss the first two months of the season. With Matt Kemp, however, that loss in the middle of the lineup will sting a little, but not too much. It will be scary when he comes back in June.

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4. St. Louis Cardinals

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It was almost shocking to see the St. Louis Cadinals in the playoffs the season after they lost Albert Pujols to the Los Angeles Angels, but they were there. The Cardinals were in the top-five in nearly every offensive category that mattered last season and the two through four hitters are some of the best in baseball.

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3. Toronto Blue Jays

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It's been years since the Toronto Blue Jays were competitive, but that's just what they will be in 2013. With down years looming for the Boston Red Sox and Yankees, the Blue Jays have a great chance to succeed, especially with they lineup. With the addition of Jose Reyes and Melky Cabrera to the top of their lineup, they will be sure to compete right away.

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2. Detroit Tigers

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The Detroit Tigers' lineup is going to look a tad bit different in 2013. Although the same core of players is the same, since the 2012 trade deadline, they have a new second baseman, a new left fielder, a new right fielder and a new designated hitter. With the acquisition of Torii Hunter and the return of Victor Martinez from injury, it won't be long before this team succeeds in a World Series instead of getting swept.

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1. Los Angeles Angels

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The Angels' lineup will look to beat up on the rest of the league with their consistency and power. They added Josh Hamilton this offseason and Albert Pujols last offseason. They also have the AL Rookie of the Year in Mike Trout and another solid, young player in Mark Trumbo. They have the scariest lineup in baseball from top to bottom.