2013 MLB Season Preview: Ben Revere is the Spark the Philadelphia Phillies Need

By Brendan Harmening
Kim Klement – USATODAY Sports

Ben Revere is capable of being a great leadoff hitter for the Philadelphia Phillies, and may be the spark plug the team was missing last year. Revere has the speed, base stealing ability and swagger to help lead the Phillies back into contention.

Yes, I said swagger, don’t be fooled, swagger is important. Remember the 2007 Phillies? The team that won their first of five straight NL East titles after Jimmy Rollins said that the Phillies were the team to beat, not the red hot, obvious choice, New York Mets. His swagger and fun loving attitude, combined with Charlie Manuel’s coaching style created the perfect mixture for success. Ben Revere reminds me of a younger Jimmy Rollins, and I believe his attitude and youthful exuberance and passion will work like a B-12 shot for these veterans. He does his job and has fun doing it, and his fun isn’t hidden underneath a shell of professional decorum (I highly recommend you click that link, the video is priceless).

Of course, Revere’s attitude is worthless if he can’t get on base and steal 40 to 50 bags this season. If Revere is going to “steal” Jimmy Rollins’ perennial lead off job, he has to be worth it, swagger or no.

Revere became a member of the Phillies franchise in a trade that sent Vance Worley to the Minnesota Twins (with a minor leaguer). His salary currently hovers around $500k (in the ballpark of the major league minimum). I think that in Philadelphia Ben Revere will be allowed to run, and we will look back at the trade as a steal. Revere is the next Michael Bourn, and this year will mark the beginning of his rise to stardom.

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