Buster Posey Contract Might be too Long for San Francisco Giants

By David Miller
buster posey giants
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There is one key thing that needs to be understood before the rest of this can be written. I am a Buster Posey fan. I like what he brings to the team and the way he plays the game. In my opinion, the San Francisco Giants backstop is potentially one of the best catchers since Mike Piazza broke in with the rival Los Angeles Dodgers. Let that be clearly stated first and foremost.

Recently the Giants were able to lock Posey in with a nine year contract extension worth nearly $170 million. For Posey that is all good. One hundred percent, from his perspective there is nothing wrong with that at all. From the Giants perspective things are a little different. They did need to sign him. That’s not the problem. He is a big star and getting bigger every month for the right reasons. Not only is a good guy but he plays the game the right way and it shows.

He is a catcher. That is the problem. The position of catcher would not be the quickest path to the major leagues if they stayed on top of their game for twelve to fifteen years. I hope beyond hope that Posey stays healthy that long and is still knocking everyone dead at the age of 35 in the year 2022.

The likelihood of that is not good however and that means by the year 2020, the Giants might wish they had some of that $20 million plus set aside to spend on someone else. I love the fact that the Giants signed their guy. I think it is great that Posey got the big pay day. I just think nine years is too far to go for a catcher. Hopefully I will be proven wrong.

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