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Will Detroit Tigers’ Miguel Cabrera Duplicate 2012 Season?

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

It’s almost impossible to top the type of season that Miguel Cabrera had in 2012. The 10-year vet won the AL MVP award, the Triple Crown and became the league’s most talked about batter in a year’s time.

Cabrera is easily the league’s top right-handed hitter and maybe even the best hitter in all of baseball. He’s a career .318 hitter with four of his five seasons with the Detroit Tigers hitting over .320 and hitting under 30 home runs just twice in his career, the last instance being in 2006.

This is a guy that’s a natural-born star. He was born to play baseball and he is doing it better than anyone else right now.

Cabrera hit .330 with 44 home runs and 139 RBI in 2012, striking fear into the pitchers of the American League. Nobody wanted to see him walk into the batter’s box, especially when he was getting a hit in 10 straight games consistently.

How can a guy like this repeat what he did in 2012? Well, for one, Cabrera has one of the highest ceilings in baseball. He can be better and better each season. In fact, his .330 average was even lower than it was in 2011. He is capable of hitting 50 home runs on a regular basis and he is a 120-RBI hitter– he has been three out of his five years in Detroit.

He can not only duplicate what he did in 2012, he can exceed it. I’m not saying he will win the Triple Crown again as that is quite possibly the hardest feat in baseball, but he can match or exceed his statistics in every category.

This guy is good, his ceiling is extremely high and his fan base is endless. I would not be surprised to see another MVP season.

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