Chicago Cubs: Opening Day Is Here!

By Reid Lester
Chicago Cubs:  Opening Day
Charles LeClaire – USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to my favorite day of the entire baseball season.

The sun is shining, the smell of fresh cut grass drifts over the seats, and fans hear the crack of a wood bat during batting practice. Fans have finished their Easter ham and now its time for a hot dog at the ballpark and an ice-cold beer.  After a long cold winter, we are ready to enjoy summer.

It should be time to bust out the shorts and tank tops, but I wonder how many teams will be playing in temperatures below 50? The Chicago Cubs are set to open the season today at PNC Park against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

The forecasted high is 40 with a good chance of rain and snow. After more than a month of spring training in Arizona, the Cubs will need to get used to their new playing conditions. The only person who will be comfortable today will be the Pirates’ mascot.

Today is a day full of possibilities for both the Cubs and Cubs fans. With a win today, the Cubs will be in first place. For the fans, this could be our year. We don’t have to dream of next year, because today we are filled with hope and optimism.

There will be errors, there will be disappointments, and there will be frustration, but going into the game today, no one has committed an error or stuck out with the bases loaded. I hope the Cubs are able to get a win today and give the fans an extra day of this joyous feeling.

By Reid Lester

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