Cincinnati Reds: Johnny Cueto Will Need Ace Stuff Today

By Brad Stiene
Rick Scuteri-USA Today Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, the finest hour is upon us.  The crack of the bat, the cut of the grass and the concession stands warming up those hot dogs and icing down the beers for our consumption.  Baseball is back.

Opening day for the Cincinnati Reds and Reds’ fans alike is a celebration.  There is not a single team who does it better for opening day than the Reds do. With parades, block parties and everything in between all the way down to the first pitch it’s an A-list type of party that fans enjoy.  So with that being said, Reds’ pitcher Johnny Cueto can’t disappoint today, right?

The Reds have won the last two opening days and are looking to make it a third.  But it won’t be easy considering they are playing one the best lineups in baseball and a pretty good pitching staff in the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim .

Cueto is coming off a 19-9 season that saw him at one point lead the NL in ERA.  The Angels have a very daunting lineup that he won’t likely see in the NL, so I guess you can say that he will need to be on his game from the first pitch to the last out he records.

It also needs to be said that Cueto has the stuff to dominate this game.  The Angels are coming in with big bats in Josh Hamilton, Albert Pujols, Mike Trout and many others, but Cueto is coming to the game with some of the most dominating stuff the NL has to offer.  If he can keep the ball low and out of the sweet part of the plate, the Reds will have a great chance of beating the Angels today.

If Cueto can do that and the Reds can jump on Angels’ pitcher, Jered Weaver, early, look for the Reds to win their third consecutive opening day in a row.

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