Colorado Rockies Squander Lead to Lose vs. Milwaukee Brewers on Opening Day

By Joe Morrone
Benny Sieu-USA Today Sports

For seven plus innings, it looked like the Colorado Rockies were going to get a win on opening day and then they turned into the Rockies again. Yes it is only one game out of 162, but we were all reminded why this is going to be a long season.

Despite dominating the game through seven innings, the Rockies could only build a 3-1 lead. They hit the ball well, they pitched well but found a way to lose and that’s what bad teams do. They find creative ways to lose.

There was no better example of that than the fifth inning: The Rockies had a chance for a big inning and ran themselves right out of it with little league mistakes. The inability to get a simple bunt down with runners on first and second and no outs started the comedy of errors. That’s simple baseball, get the bunt down and at worst they probably score at least a run.

Then Dexter Fowler singles but because Chris Nelson is not paying attention to the runner in front of him or the third-base coach and the Rockies end up with two runners on third. The last time I looked, that’s not legal in the game of baseball.

So instead of bases loaded with one out and the middle of their lineup coming up, the Rockies have only two on with two outs. The inning ended with no runs when it should have been the inning that blew the game open.

The Rockies are not going to win the division or even compete for the playoffs, but they had a chance to get a win on opening day and blew it. They aren’t going to get many chances to win games so when they just give one away, it is even more frustrating.

Opening day is supposed to be about hope and promise, and for most of the day it was. Fowler even tried to save the day with a tying home run in the ninth.

There will be the normal pomp and circumstance around the home opener on Friday but after that there won’t be much to get excited about. It will just be night after night of finding new and inventive ways to lose baseball games.

Happy Opening Day!

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