Jason Hammel and Baltimore Orioles Face Tough Challenge on Tuesday

By David Miller

In Major League Baseball the season is much more a marathon than a sprint. Still, across baseball each and every team really wants to get out to a great start. After all if you start the season on a five game winning streak that is just five more wins for the year. Losing streaks can be overcome but still you hate to start off the season losing games. The Baltimore Orioles have drawn a tough task on their opening Tuesday game against the Tampa Bay Rays.

Baltimore will throw Jason Hammel out for the first game of the year. Hammel is unspectacular at times but can get the job done and give the Orioles a decent chance to win. Offensively the Orioles are a good team with the ability to create runs when they need them. On Tuesday they are going to need runs every single chance they get.

The Rays will have Cy-Young award winning David Price on the mound. Price deserved the award last season and looks to have nothing stopping him from another great year in 2013. Against a guy like Price the Orioles are just the kind of team that can find a way to win. They are good at the fundamental method of scoring runs when they need to. Tuesday they surely will need to.

The problem might be the similar offense of the Rays against Hammel. He is capable of dominant pitching from time to time and the Orioles will need him to pitch towards the level of his competition. If Price is on, Hammel’s job will become keeping the Orioles in the game until Price leaves it. Then the O’s might have their best chance at runs. Either way you slice it; this is going to be a tough game for the Orioles. Somehow I think they would have it no other way.

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