Los Angeles Dodgers Have Options with Chris Capuano

Los Angeles Dodgers Chris Capuano
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

No pitching staff in Major League Baseball is as talented as the Los Angeles Dodgers. From Clayton Kershaw to Chad Billingsley, the Dodgers have a solid No. 1 through 5. In fact, they have more beyond that, with another solid starter in Chris Capuano that’s not even in the rotation.

The Dodgers have lots of options with Capuano. He is a 6-foot-3, 215-pound lefty who  had a 3.72 ERA and 1.220 WHIP over 198.1 innings, winning 12 games in the process. Even if Capuano couldn’t lock down the fifth spot in the rotation, how much better would the Dodger bullpen be with him in it?

That’s precisely what Don Mattingly has considered. He moved Capuano to the bullpen, but he is also available to reenter the starting rotation anytime he is needed.

Capuano is a good pitcher — he proved it in 2012. He walked 54 batters and had 162 strikeouts. From the bullpen, he can serve as a long reliever if one of the starters struggles early, or he can come in for middle relief or situational moves. He can also become another set-up man and provide additional closer capabilities for the Dodgers if the need arises.

Mattingly knows that Capuano is a proven product and he puts the Dodgers in a better situation to win more games — that’s what this year is all about. The Dodgers are designed to win it all, and Capuano gives them several options to do just that in 2013 as the team looks towards a playoff run towards the World Series.