New Era Brings Renewed Optimism for Cleveland Indians Opening Day

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The Cleveland Indians have a rich history for playing tough baseball for the last couple of decades. That hasn’t always resulted in winners of course and last season the attitude wasn’t even that of a winner. Enter Terry Francona and everything changed. Francona was signed on as the new manager and has literally changed everything about the way this team exists. There are players left over and new players but the mindset is that of a winner.

The opening day game they face will be against one of their toughest American League rivals this season. The Toronto Blue Jays have revamped themselves as well in an attempt to take the Eastern division from the New York Yankees. That doesn’t matter to the Indians however. They are winners now for real. The only thing left to do is actually go out and win.

Game one will be a test against the defending National League Cy-young award winning knuckleballer R.A. Dickey. Knuckleballers have a tendency to test a team’s patience and that could be a real problem tonight with the optimism level so high for the Indians. Francona might have a tough task to get his guys calm enough to wait for that pitch instead of trying to attack it. Chances are that Francona knows very well how to go about hitting a pitcher like Dickey since he managed Tim Wakefield in Boston for so long. He will have the Indians ready to go but the test will be on the field.

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