Tyler Flowers Erases Some Doubt from the Naysayers on Opening Day

Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the 2013 season, the biggest question mark for the Chicago White Sox had to be at the catcher’s position. For nearly a decade, Sox fans have only seen one catcher (AJ Pierzynski) on Opening Day. But after a career season, Pierzynski signed with the Texas Rangers, while the White Sox decided to use an in-house a replacement.  Whether it’s fair or not, Tyler Flowers has to win over a lot of White Sox fans, considering Pierzynski was a main component of that World Series team in 2005. During the off-season, Twitter was already comparing Flowers to Pierzynski, with most of the reasons that supported Pierzynski being truly asinine. Today, however, Tyler Flowers finally had a chance to prove himself against the Kansas City Royals.

Flowers’ first chance came early. He came to the plate with guys on 1st and 2nd, but struck out after a decent at-bat. I fully expected boos from the peanut gallery, yet it was rather quiet. I felt a little uneasy after that at-bat, knowing how the Chicago fanbase generally reacts. I could feel the water boiling in the pot; one more mistake from Flowers could cause that water to bubble and burst. However, as the Hawkaroo would say, “poof!” Flowers hit a solo home run – the only run of the game – giving the Sox a 1-0 lead and eventual win.

Just like that, for the time being, all the doubters and fans living in the past were quieted. Oh, by the way, Tyler Flowers also caught a shutout from Chris Sale and Addison Reed, while AJ Pierzynski caught a game in which the Houston Astros scored eight runs. Yes, I realize I’m using my “jump to conclusions” mat on the impact of Tyler Flowers. But it only took one game for Flowers to show what he gives the 2013 White Sox: some random power and a legitimate catcher.

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