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How Elvis Andrus’s contract affects the Texas Rangers

Elvis Andrus

Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Elvis Andrus recently got a huge new contract worth $120 million over the next eight years. There are a couple of big effects this could have on both Andrus and the Texas Rangers.

First of all, this might create a huge confidence boost for Andrus. He doesn’t have to worry about Jurickson Profar and Luis Sardinas who are rapidly coming up behind him. Andrus is the shortstop for the Rangers for the next eight years and he knows it.

I believe that confidence will allow Andrus to focus on playing instead of having the distraction of trying to be better than a 19 (now 20) year old. His production will advance this season to as high as he can be.

Now this contract also has a huge effect on the Rangers as an organization.

As everyone knows the Rangers have the number one prospect in baseball in Profar, but now there is a pretty expensive block at shortstop. Realistically the Rangers won’t trade Profar, but he may have to switch to second base (moving Ian Kinsler to most likely first base) or into the outfield.

But I mentioned earlier Sardinas is a 19 year old shortstop who is projected to be very good.

What I see this contract meaning for Sardinas is a trade. Maybe a package with another guy or two for a young pitcher like Rick Porcello or Doug Fister from the Detroit Tigers. But Sardinas is not going to have any room over the next year or two on the major league club.

This is well deserved for Andrus, and we will see just how big of an effect it has on the other young shortstops.