New York Yankees: Yankee Stadium empties fast on MLB Opening Day

By Richard Churchill
New Yankee Stadium - Red Sox @ Yankees - 01-04-2013
Ken Rosenthal – Twitter

Injuries or no injuries, it is rare that you see New Yankee Stadium this empty in-game, but it is the image that Ken Rosenthal, reporter for MLB on FOX, caught yesterday during the ninth inning of an eventual 8-2 victory for the Boston Red Sox over the New York Yankees.

After posting it on Twitter, a host of replies suggested that the Yankees fans may well be fair-weather, but that is expected in a city where live sports can be found as easily as a hot dog in the street.

In fact, success of New York sports teams has come fairly often over the past two decades, with the New York Giants winning a pair of Lombardi Trophies in the past five years, as well as just the five World Series wins for the Yankees themselves amidst seven AL pennants since 1995.

Now, with a plethora of health issues, the Yankees are in crisis. Well, they have lost the sum total of one game this season, and are virtually out of contention to make the postseason. As such, a massive walkout during a defeat was wholly acceptable, and the Yankees management can expect more of this throughout the season if their disastrous play continues.

Of course, only about 20 percent of that is actually true, and that being the Yankees will continue to suffer walkouts if they don’t start winning. With a fan base that is, for a minority at least, naturally vitriolic, performances that are deemed as failures don’t suffice.

With Curtis Granderson, Mark Teixiera, and Alex Rodriguez all out until around the All Star Break, whilst Derek Jeter may not return until mid-May, the Yankees lineup may continue to struggle with both power and plate discipline.

In the meantime, shall we marvel at the lack of support shown on Game 1 of 162?

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