R.A. Dickey Suffers Rough Outing in Debut for Toronto Blue Jays

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Toronto Blue Jays fans have been waiting for this night ever since their huge offseason trade went down with the Miami Marlins in November. After juicing up their roster through trades and free agent signings, they stalled out on the starting line. They lost their opener to the Cleveland Indians, 4-1.

R.A. Dickey took the mound for the Blue Jays and survived for six innings, allowing three earned runs and five hits. He also walked four batters, something he did only two times all of last season. If this was the first time this happened to Dickey this year it wouldn’t be so alarming, but he laid a similar kind of egg in the World Baseball Classic. Fans will have to wait five days and watch what Dickey does in his next start to see if they should really start worrying.

It is only one game out of 162, but you do have to wonder if this team will come together. It is a pretty impressive group of talented individuals that general manager Alex Anthopoulos has assembled, but the same thing was said about the 2012 Marlins. For those that don’t remember, those Marlins ended the season with 93 losses. Many of those same Marlins are now on the Blue Jays. Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle, John Buck, Emilio Bonafacio and Josh Johnson were all part of the Marlins failed experiment and are now on the Blue Jays.

Stat heads will discount the idea of team chemistry, but until these Blue Jays prove they can play together I don’t see them winning the tight American League East. I’d bet we are more likely to see Marlins 2.0 than a pennant in Toronto.

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