Atlanta Braves Swinging a Big Tomahawk in Early Going

By Michael Collins
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s only two games into a 162 games season, so the Atlanta Braves still have 160 chances to make me dine on these words for the next year, but right now this looks like one of the most formidable Braves lineups I’ve seen quite a long time. Scoring 16 runs, with six home runs in the first two days of play has raised a few eyebrows I’m sure.

I’m not going to throw in the gratuitous “and they aren’t even fully healthy yet”, because as the MLB season usually goes, when one gets well, someone else goes down.

That said, it looks like Atlanta has found a lineup that could possibly lean on a few records, and break some while they are at it. Up and down from one through eight, you don’t see a breather if you are standing 60′-6″ away on a mound of dirt. The Braves now possess power, speed and solid hitting throughout the lineup.

Last season, fans were noticeably annoyed by the lack of changes made by the Braves, and the year ended only one day later than it had the previous season. Truthfully, as familiar as the personnel was in 2012, it was stale. There wasn’t a sense of excitement or vigor when you watched them. With new faces and a refreshed attitude, these Braves look like they are ready to charge.

So two days into the season are we christening the Braves as the division champs and telling the rest of the NL East to go ahead and book their vacation spots for October? Not by a longshot. But it is apparent that the Atlanta Braves are no longer a team that is just going to rely on the arms of their pitching staff to get the job done.

This team can, and will, score runs. My guess is we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg


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