New York Yankees' Robinson Cano Right to Leave Scott Boras for Jay-Z

By David Miller

Sometimes Major League Baseball is just a game. Those moments are rarer seemingly with each passing year. One reason for that is the record number of record contracts. That trend very well might continue but when New York Yankees star Robinson Cano chose to leave the Scott Boras agency in favor of Jay-Z, it was a small step in the right direction.

It really doesn’t matter in the end what Jay-Z does with Cano’s contract. He could not possibly have a more negative effect on MLB than Boras. Boras continuously tries to push the next contract higher than the one before. He plays to the player’s professional pride and greed to pad his pockets. Don’t forget that each and every one of his contracts puts money where he wants it most, in his wallet.

That might be a great business decision but it isn’t good long term because it will kill and utterly destroy the game of baseball. Then, Boras would be up a creek because most other sports carry some kind of salary cap. If the Major League Baseball Players Association does not want a salary cap, they need to honestly follow Cano’s lead and kick Boras and others like him to the curb. Otherwise the cap will either happen, or the game we all love will die.

I’m sure Cano will wind up making a lot of money at the end of this process. It is possible however that he isn’t interested in breaking the previous record contract with his own. Maybe, just maybe Cano thinks it is more important to play for a team he wants to play for than simply the one with the deepest pockets. Sure, the Yankees have historically had the largest contracts in the game. That trend continues to move the other way however as Cano is the third Yankee to leave Boras and move on to another agent. The other two were Alex Rodriquez and Mark Teixeira.

Maybe I’m crazy but Cano making this move is another step away from the path that will eventually destroy Major League Baseball. Like Jay-Z or hate him, at least he might not have the same uncaring disdain for the game of baseball. Boras is a cancer, plain and simple. He is helping to kill the game. Cano made the absolute correct choice. I hope others continue the Boras exodus.

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