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Shane Victorino Delivering Great Effort for Boston Red Sox

shane victorino red sox

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The first big name that was talked around several teams for outfield free agents was Shane Victorino. He wasn’t the first available or even possibly the best available but he was the guy that had no clear direction and could have actually ended up anywhere. Eventually the Boston Red Sox grabbed him and are currently paying him $39 million over three years. Some say that is too much for the journeyman outfielder. Is it or did the Red Sox get exactly what they needed?

There isn’t much to go on just yet except for the effort that you can clearly see Victorino put out in the opening game. He was 2 for 6 with three runs batted in. The hits were timely and they were productive. Possibly you could say they were clutch hits as well. Three runs were on the board because of him and he also played solidly in the field. That is what they are paying him for isn’t it?

I don’t know exactly what Victorino is worth financially to the Red Sox because I tend to believe all players are over paid to some degree. In the arena of being overpaid however, Victorino is hardly the worst offender. If he can go out and produce simple clutch hits like he did on opening day against the New York Yankees he will get to the end of the season with no one talking about his paycheck. What matters right now is what happens on the field and Victorino has shown up so far for the Red Sox.

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