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MLB Tampa Bay Rays

Bad Call Hinders Tampa Bay Rays Fight to Rally in Ninth

evan longoria rays

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With a loss to the Baltimore Orioles in game three of the opening series, the Tampa Bay Rays fell to 1 – 2. A few things became apparent throughout this series for the Rays and one of the undeniable qualities that showed itself was fight. The Rays showed that they are a team that will never say die no matter the score. They walked off in game two after losing in game one to the Orioles. In the third game of the series another quality showed up.

What showed up in this game was the human factor that enters into being an umpire. Evan Longoria was called out for passing the guy that made it to and surpassed second base in front of him. It was closer than I make it sound but sure not close enough to call. The thought that they would call Longoria out on such a play during a ninth inning rally is kind of ridiculous. Honestly I don’t know what the umps were thinking but it sure left a dark spot on this otherwise entertaining series.

Things like this will probably keep happening to teams like these two budding rivals. Their games are always hard fought close battles that any big missed play or missed call can alter. If a game can be drastically changed by one call then that is a close, hard fought game. I think you will see many more games like that between these two teams. For the Rays they can take away from this series that they are not an easy team to beat, even when they are behind by several runs. They are fighters that will not quit. The fans in Tampa surely will grow to love this squad.

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