Chicago Cubs Manager Dale Sveum Has Experience To Help Team Win

By Stephanie Lynn


Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Life has certainly changed for Chicago Cubs manager Dale Sveum during the past 10 years. Sveum has gone from being the coach of the Altoona Curve, the AA-affiliate of the Pittsburgh Pirates, to manager of the Cubs, with a few stops in between with the Boston Red Sox and the Milwaukee Brewers.

With such a broad range of experience, Sveum seems to be the perfect fit to manage this team that has struggled for years to have a winning record.

According to, Sveum led the Curve to winning back-to-back winning seasons, a first in franchise history which set him up for success to move on to the majors. His success in the minors led him to be named the Top Managerial Prospect in the Eastern League. The website also reported that after leaving Altoona, Sveum made a big move to Boston where he was the hitting coach for the 2004 World Series champions Red Sox, and then to Milwaukee to be the third base coach and later, bench coach for the Brewers.

And now, here we are in 2013. Sveum has been the manager of the Cubs since 2011, and has definitely come a long way. Gone are the days of minor league baseball, as well as working with championship teams; Sveum is working with one of the worst teams in baseball, desperately trying to whip his players into shape to become champions.

Does he have what it takes to turn the Cubs into a successful team? Maybe.

The Cubs set a new franchise low during Sveum’s first full season as manager with a pitiful record of 61-101. No matter what problems the Cubs encounter, Sveum remains positive that his team can pull through the bad times and come out on top with some work and effort.

If Sveum can lead a AA team to victory, helping the Cubs get some wins shouldn’t be much different.

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