New York Yankees: Hiroki Kuroda Isn’t the Only Hurt One Being Seen In the Bronx

By Nik Swartz
Hiroki Kuroda New York Yankees
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

MLB players are the most superstitious athletes in professional sports, doing anything from eating the same food on game day or putting their socks on the same way, to the smaller things like hopping over the baseline on their way back to the dugout. With how the New York Yankees season has started, some may believe they have a black cat following them around the clubhouse.

After losing their first game of the season to the Boston Red Sox 8-2, the Yankees were leaning heavily on Hiroki Kuroda to do what he did so well last season–pitch his best when the team needed him the most.

Instead, Kuroda gets smacked in the hand on a line-drive by Shane Victorino in the second inning of his first start. If the injury is at all serious, it will be hard to convince any Yankee fan there is hope for the 2013 season.

Yankee fans have a tendency to jump off the deep end very quick, and this is only the second game of the season, but the Yankees were already without Derek JeterMark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson. Now Kuroda leaves less than two innings into his first start because of an injury. This was Kuroda’s shortest outing of his career; even if he hadn’t gotten hit, he wasn’t exactly pitching great anyway.

So far this season, the Yankees have not had a lead. The ace of the Yankee staff didn’t resemble an ace of any team’s staff and the Yankees have yet another injury to deal with.

The only thing to say about the Yankees is they are pathetic. Looking at the scorecard and seeing the names on it for the Yankees, you might think you are at a old-timers game. The Yankees starting lineup in the first two games scored less than five percent of their runs last season.

It may only be the second game, but the Yankees are getting hammered. For the second straight game another player gets hurt and the offense is offensive – this is going to be a very long, sad season.

There are many more games to be played this season, but it is hard to imagine a worse start to the season than this. Kuroda’s x-ray on his right middle finger came back as just a bruise, but getting crushed the first two games by the hated Red Sox only adds salt in the contusion of that middle finger.


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