Opening Series Win Brings Plenty of Optimism for the Chicago White Sox

By Bryan Lutz
David Banks – USA TODAY Sports

Although the Chicago White Sox dropped the series finale against the Kansas City Royals today 3-1, there are still plenty of things that should bring an optimistic outlook for White Sox fans. First off, it’s a series win against a team that completely owned them in 2012; the White Sox finished with a 6-12 record against the Royals last season. While this loss was rather frustrating, there were still plenty of things to feel good about from the opening series.

Gordon Beckham went 4-for-4 today, which is something I don’t think I have seen him accomplish since 2010, if ever. The best part of Beckham’s four hits is that three of them – although BABIP specials – were hit to rightfield. If Beckham goes to rightfield in 2013, the White Sox might finally get the type of player they have been hoping for since his rookie season.

Even in a losing effort, Gavin Floyd looked pretty good in his season debut: the breaking stuff was sharp, his command was with him throughout the game and he made a couple good hitters look completely silly. If I were to pick one player who means the most to the 2013 Chicago White Sox, I would probably select Floyd, so today was a big day. Sox fans know what they are going to get from Chris Sale and Jake Peavy, but Floyd could cut the breaks to your van (wildcard). That’s an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” reference for those that are completely confused.

Lastly, the winner of the opening series has to be Tyler Flowers. Not only was he great putting down the numbers, but he brought the lumber with him, carrying the offense more than anyone thought he possibly could.

Overall, I am rather pleased with first series, and you should be, too

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