What A Difference A Regular Season Makes For Boston Red Sox Shane Victorino

By Art Eddy
Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

When the Boston Red Sox signed Shane Victorino to a three year deal worth $39 million there were a lot of skeptics. Last season Shane put up poor numbers and in baseball age he was getting old. What made things even worse was his meager performance in this year’s Spring Training and in the World Baseball Classic. Many thought that the three year deal was the wrong move.

Now that we are two games into the regular season, most of those questions are no longer looming in Boston. It is still very early in the season, but it seems that Victorino turned on a switch and got back to his old form with his play against the New York Yankees.

In the first game against the Yankees, Shane brought in three runs on two singles in the Red Sox 8-2 victory on Monday. On both of those singles it happened when there were two outs so Shane was proving how he can be clutch.

Last night when the Red Sox won the game 7-4, Shane hit for a single that drove in a run with two outs. He was 2 for 5 and had stolen a base and scored a run as well.

Shane spoke with MLB.com’s Ian Brown on Boston’s start to the season:

“Yeah, 2-0, that’s a good start. Can’t complain. Every aspect of the game we’re playing well. We’re running the bases well, taking extra bases, swinging the bats, pitching well, playing good defense, that’s what it’s about. That’s how you win ballgames. It’s a positive start for us.”

Victorino also hit a ball near Yankee’s pitcher Hiroki Kuroda who tried to snag the ball in with his bare hand. For Kuroda that attempt at the ball ended up hurting his middle finger and caused him to leave the game. That injury seemed to take the wind out of the Yankees’ sails and they could never amount a comeback to win the game.

Shane has been off to a great start. The Boston front office wanted to a put a team together that not only had skilled players, but ones who had great character for team to build a great chemistry. Victorino is a player who has both of those ingredients. He will be able to help players like Dustin Pedroia keep the team focused throughout this season.

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