John Farrell Returns to Face Toronto Blue Jays as Boston Red Sox Manager

By Jonathan Cullen
John Farrell
Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

Tonight, John Farrell and the Boston Red Sox return to Farrell’s scene of the crime, at the home of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Farrell will likely be booed every time that he comes onto the field this evening and for the remainder of the series with the Blue Jays. If Farrell is smart, he’ll take the high road and take his hits this weekend and then let it roll off his back. Farrell has simply become a symbol of frustration for the Blue Jays’ fans.

Farrell was exactly who the Red Sox needed to hire as their next manager, but obviously left some hurt feelings between both teams and the fans of the Blue Jays.

The feelings coming from north of the border might stem from a slight inferiority complex by the Toronto fan base, feeling that they are viewed as a second choice of players and managers. For the proud Canadian franchise, one that has won two World Series, things have been different simply because the Blue Jays haven’t won recently.

Make no mistake, Farrell wanted to be the Red Sox manager and that forced the Blue Jays to work out a trade with Boston. No sense holding onto a manager that doesn’t want to be there.

But, let’s not make Farrell out to be the best manager in baseball and that his leaving crippled the Blue Jays franchise. Farrell was exactly 154-170 in his two seasons with Toronto, hardly the record that would cause the Jays faithful to feel like they pushed aside by a proven winner.

Again, if you are a fan of the Blue Jays, it is perfectly understandable to be bitter towards Farrell and feel jilted by his decision to leave, but having a manager who doesn’t want to be there and hasn’t won anything yet is hardly a big loss.

But, in the end, the decision will probably benefit the Blue Jays as much as the Red Sox. The Blue Jays went out and had a very active winter and look much stronger going into this season. The Red Sox received a manager who is much more adept at dealing with the Boston media and controlling the Red Sox clubhouse. Tonight will start the rivalry between the Red Sox and Blue Jays. 

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