Nolan Ryan Situation With Texas Rangers Must Be Resolved

By Andy Schmidt
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

There was talk before the season began about a rift between the Texas Rangers and Nolan Ryan. It sounds like everything has been resolved in this situation for the time being, but the Rangers still need to watch out for Ryan wanting to leave to go to the Houston Astros. Ryan has done great things for the Texas organization, and it would be a major blow if he did decide to leave at some point.

Ryan had some of his biggest success in Houston and may see an opportunity to turn around a team that will struggle during their first season in the American League. Ryan is the president of the Rangers right now, but he is obviously upset about general manager Jon Daniels getting more power in the organization. There were feelings hurt in the situation, and that’s why the rift developed it would appear to me.

The amount of Ryan makes in Texas is massive being somewhere between $6 and $8 million a year. I wouldn’t complain about that kind of money in my pocket, but some people have the personality where they want things their way or the highway. That sounds like Ryan to me. He has always been a force on and off the field, but this situation is ridiculous to say the least. I’m sure the Rangers and Ryan will hash this out before too much longer if they haven’t already. The allure of Houston has to be out there still for Ryan though, and if the opportunity came up, I wouldn’t be so shocked if Ryan went for it. Texas has bigger issues to deal with than interior chaos anyway.

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