Tampa Bay Rays Have More Explaining To Do After Sign Incident

By Andy Schmidt
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

You see a lot of teams around MLB having their mascots running around the stadium entertaining the fans. There are times, though, where things the mascots do go over the line. That happened on Wednesday night with the Tampa Bay Rays. The team’s mascot Raymond held up a sign with the Rays’ to do list. The first item was the crossed-out name of former Australian wildlife aficionado  Steve Irwin, who was killed by a stingray in 2006. The sign also said World Series on it, but the Irwin thing is so far over the line that there needs to be action.

The first piece of business would be finding the person who thought that this sign was a good idea and had it made. The Rays issued a statement on Thursday apologizing for their “lapse in judgment”. Are you kidding me? The words lapse in judgment don’t even apply here. That’s just plain stupid to have that happen, and the team should be ashamed in this occurring.

I understand that the sign was made by a fan, and the Rays allow fans to bring signs that aren’t offensive. Who didn’t stop this person at the gate? That person needs to be fired today for allowing this fan to get into the ballpark with that. I’m not going to blame the mascot because how on earth are you supposed to see everything in that suit. The bottom line is that things like this can’t happen. It is up to the fans to not have signs like this in the first place or the team double-checking every sign that comes into Tropicana Field. The statement isn’t enough for my liking, and an apology straight to the Irwin family needs to be made.

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