5 Prospects Who Could Finish the Year On the Houston Astros

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Prospects Who Can Finish the Season in Houston

Houston Astros
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The Houston Astros have had interchangeable players for the past few years. Many trades go down during the season, and the Astros have not finished with the same starters that they have started with for some time. This season won’t be much different. Right now, no player on the Astros has broken out to be a big trade chip. Many of them are extremely young, and the older players aren’t that good. However, we may still see a few players traded. I don’t care what anyone says, the Astros will not finish with the same starters that they started the year with. Many players will be sent down, and some players will have their starters role taken from them later in the year.

There may be some trades before the deadline, one of those trades I think may happen will involve Bud Norris. Also, depending on what he does between now and then, which probably isn’t much, designated hitter/first baseman Carlos Pena could be on the move as well. Another player who could be on the move is centerfielder Justin Maxwell.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sure those players will be moved. However, there is a good chance that the Astros fans may get a glimpse of their team’s future later in the year.

There are some easy choices in this list of five players. Players like Jordan Lyles and John Ely are easy choices, but these players are on this list are prospects.

I believe the Astros may give a couple of their top prospects a shot at the Major League level late in the season. If so, I believe there are few guys you may want to keep an eye for.

Don't get this list mixed up with a top prospects list, these players are in no particular order.

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1. George Springer

George Springer
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George Springer is the top outfield prospects for the Astros. He is starting his year at Double A Corpus Christi, and already off to a quick start. He had an impressive spring, and is looking like he could be ready for the Major Leagues.

Just because Springer is at Double A, he could still be on this team before the year is over. He may not be ready, but it won’t take him long to be ready. The kid can play, and Astros fans who don’t know much about him, will learn.

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2. Robbie Grossman

Robbie Grossman
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Robbie Grossman is another outfield prospect who I believe will be on the team before the year is over. He is a good fielder who can hit, and he will take pitchers and work counts. He will make a good leadoff hitter for the Astros in the future.

Right now, Grossman is at Triple A Oklahoma City. In the spring, he didn’t have the best showing, but he did make some good impressions on the GM and the manager. I don’t think it will be too long before he is making impressions on Astros fans.

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3. Jarred Cosart

Jarred Cosart
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Pitching prospect Jarred Cosart will probably be the first prospect Astros fans will get to see. The reason I say that is because it is almost a given that Eric Bedard will get hurt. If he does, the Astros will need someone to take his place on the roster. Sure, that could be Jordan Lyles or John Ely, but I doubt the Astros waste another one of Lyles’ options unless he is coming to Houston to stay.

Cosart is starting his year off in Triple A, and for good reason. He, like every young player, has his issues that need to be worked out. He is a hard thrower and has always been able to overpower young hitters. But his main problem is his control. If he can straighten that out, which I believe he does, Astros fans will be able to get a good look at this young pitcher before the season is over.

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4. Jonathan Villar

Jonathan Villar
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Jonathan Villar is an interesting player. He is a switch hitting shortstop. Obviously with Astros number one overall pick, Carlos Correa, Villar isn’t the long term choice for shortstop. But he is definitely a solid stop gap for a position that the Astros are having some troubles with at the Major League level.

During Spring Training, Villar didn’t look good from the left side of the plate. He rolled over just about every ball he hit from that side. It was certainly discouraging, but he can work out those troubles in Triple A.

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5. Jonathan Singleton

Jonathan Singleton
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Jonathan Singleton, the Astros number one prospect, has the best chance to make this team before the season is over. But he is serving a 50 game suspension. Well, if he weren’t, he may be on this team right now. The Astros are bad, and everyone knew that before the season started. With midseason trades, Singleton could easily find his way on the 25 man roster pushing for the starting first base role.

During Spring Training, he really impressed out there. He didn’t get a big chance to do so because he was in Minor League camp, but when he had his chances with the big league camp, he took full advantage of that. When Singleton is placed on the 25 man roster, he will become the team’s best player.

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