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Another Injury at the Shortstop Position for Boston Red Sox

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Last night another shortstop got injured for the Boston Red Sox. First it was Stephen Drew back in Spring Training, now it is Jose Iglesias. The Boston Red Sox can’t get a break at the shortstop position. As the Red Sox beat the Toronto Blue Jays 6-4 yesterday they saw Iglesias leave the game when he was hit by a pitch from Toronto’s Josh Johnson.

In the third inning Johnson threw a 93-mph fastball that hit Iglesias’ arm and he sustained a contusion from the hit by pitch. Right now the Red Sox list him as day to day and will look at him this weekend to re-evaluate the injury.

Jose was able to stay in the game to take his base in the third inning, but was taken out because he was in pain and couldn’t finish the game. Boston brought in Pedro Ciriaco to play at shortstop.

Pedro did his best to help out his team as he hit an RBI single. Even with the two injuries that has sidelined Drew and Iglesias, the Red Sox have found a way to put in a player to pick up the slack.

When Drew went on the disabled list Iglesias fit right into his role as he was hitting .583 in the first four games of the regular season. No matter what the Red Sox see from Jose’s injury it is likely he will play in minor league until he is back to normal.

Speaking of the minors, Drew has played two games for Boston’s minor league team in Portland for his rehab. Since Drew is progressing well the Red Sox could bring him back up to the team as soon as Monday when they will face the Baltimore Orioles. It is good to see that the Red Sox have depth on their roster to get passed these injuries.