Battle for the Basement: New York Mets Win Day Against Miami Marlins

By Rodney Coe
John Buck and Juan Pierre
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

If this was the end of the year, we would be watching the “battle for the basement.” I know it’s only the beginning of the Major League Baseball season, but the New York Mets and Miami Marlins are playing each other for the next to last place in the National League East.

That’s where they both finished last year. The Mets came in next to last place, while the Marlins were the bottom dwellers in the cellar of the NL East. Nothing in this game would prove to an average fan that things would change in 2013, and unless you are an avid Mets fan, this game was a sleeper.

The Mets managed to win 7-3 by finding some offense at the end of the game. Until the sixth inning, the score was tied 3-3. But, the Mets found some bats to put together a three-run seventh inning behind Daniel Murphy’s triple and David Wright’s base hit. A sacrifice fly by John Buck and the seventh inning stretch woke the rest of us up.

The best thing in this game was the weirdest call of the season. Marlins left fielder, Juan Pierre, scored a run and then ran into the Mets catcher (Buck) while he was trying to catch a wild throw. The umpire had to call a base runner out for interference (by rule), and since he couldn’t call the runner at second out, he called Pierre out.

Even the umpire didn’t agree with the rule, as the defense actually got rewarded for making a bad throw.

What would you expect from cellar dwellers? I hate to be so negative, but the Mets and Marlins will finish exactly where they did last year. Whoever wins between the two of these teams will still finish fourth in the NL East.

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