How Will Los Angeles Angels' Josh Hamilton Be Received In His Second Game vs. Texas Rangers?

By Kyle McAreavy
Josh Hamilton
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As most people know by now, last night was Josh Hamilton‘s first game back in Arlington since leaving the Texas Rangers for the Los Angeles Angels.

Hamilton heard a chorus of boos when he was announced pre-game and also during his first at-bat, and he could be seen on ESPN after the game saying “I’ve never heard it so loud here. Not in any playoff game, not in any World Series game. So if that’s what it takes here, get on it fans.”

When saying “if that’s what it takes”, he is referencing his statement during spring training about how Texas as a state and Dallas mainly are football areas and while there are real baseball fans, it is not a baseball town.

Hamilton would have gotten booed just for leaving this offseason because of all the drama that went into his decision. But without the comments, I believe that would have been just for one game and then cheers and applause for all he did when with the Texas Rangers.

But because of those comments in spring, I don’t think these boos are over yet.

People are always hurt when you accuse them of not being real fans. Now whether I believe they are real fans or not is not important, but a look back a few seasons ago at the attendance should tell you everything you need to know.

Hamilton is going to be booed every time he returns to Texas no matter how many games or seasons have gone by, and it is about those comments. People will never show him the appreciation he earned during his years in Texas because he threw out all the respect anyone had for him.

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