Texas Rangers: Derek Holland Pitched Well in First Start

By Kyle McAreavy
Derek Holland
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

I was skeptical about which Derek Holland the Texas Rangers would see in Hollands first start of the year. Whether it be the Holland from a couple of seasons ago that earned him his current contract, or the Holland from the end of last season who had concentration issues and did not pitch well.

Last night, we saw the Holland that earned his contract. In his seven innings, he gave up only six hits and one walk making a very good WHIP of exactly one. He gave up a home run to Chris Iannetta, but only one other run.

I will take two runs and seven innings any day.

One of the most important story lines from this game is Josh Hamilton’s return to Texas. Well, the Rangers pitchers held him to zero for four. The downpour of boos during Hamilton’s first at-bat was outstanding. It was most likely due to his recent comments about regarding the fans. During the offseason, I believed that Rangers fans would be upset with Hamilton about him leaving. However, I think that wasn’t it at all.

I think Ranger fans understand the team doesn’t show a whole lot of loyalty to players and that leaving was the right thing for Hamilton. Yet, no matter who you are, you cannot say bad things about the fans that gave you your first chance and put up with all of your weird, wimpy injuries.

I am glad Hamilton played poorly. I hope he does poorly this season.

Back to my original point about Holland. He pitched very well and I hope (but don’t believe yet) that this is the Holland Ranger fans can watch all season.

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