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When Will Shaun Marcum Finally Make Debut for New York Mets?

When Will Shaun Marcum Finally Make Debut for New York Mets

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

New York Mets starting pitcher Shaun Marcum has been battling arm injuries all spring. Unfortunately, his various injuries are complicated enough where the Mets have no idea when he is expected to make his debut with his new team.

“I wish I did,” Mets manager Terry Collins told when asked if he knew when Marcum might make his first start. “Because it has to do with the nerves, I’m not really sure how to approach it. I haven’t really had to deal with something like that before. So we’ll just go on what the doctors tell us and see where he is when it’s time to resume some throwing.”

Marcum has been dealing with injuries in his throwing arm since Spring Training with the Milwaukee Brewers last year. The right-hander could never get 100 percent healthy, which forced him to miss several starts last season. This reason alone is believed to be why the Brewers did not re-sign him to a new contract this past offseason.

Marcum is a solid addition to the starting rotation, something the Mets certainly need. However, what they do not need is another talented pitcher who cannot string together starts because of injuries. New York already lost Johan Santana for the year, and they cannot afford the same fate for Marcum.

The 31-year-old is currently dealing with nerve inflammation in his neck, which could very well be due to the pain he has been experiencing in his right arm. Trigger-point injections are the only thing that is subduing the pain in Marcum’s neck at this point. Obviously, this is not a good sign for fans who believe Marcum was close to taking his spot in the starting rotation.

Marcum still has to build up his arm strength so he can survive multiple innings in a big league game against Major League hitters. This, of course, will take some time to do, as he has not been participating in any throwing activities for several weeks. There is no way to know exactly when Marcum will be able to start, which means the Mets must find someone reliable to take his place in the meantime.