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MLB Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs: Carlos Marmol Overstayed Welcome


Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Five games into the 2013 season and Chicago Cubs fans are already enraged with their team.

Despite a brilliant first start for Carlos Villanueva, the Cubs lost a heartbreaker to the Atlanta Braves on Saturday night, losing 6-5, no thanks to closing pitcher Carlos Marmol. Ah yes, Marmol; the name that makes many Cubs fans feel like their ears are bleeding whenever his name is mentioned.

Marmol entered the game in the ninth inning with a two run lead over the Braves, hopeful to close out the game when he had what can only be considered a meltdown. The pitcher gave up a home run to B.J. Upton and then to make matters worse, Justin Upton hit a walkoff home run to give the Braves a win and Marmol a loss.

That should have been the final straw. The Cubs should have won that game if it wasn’t for Marmol’s inconsistent pitching.

To be fair, Marmol didn’t blow the lead on his own; teammate Kyuji Fujikawa played a part in the Cubs downfall when he gave up three runs in eight inning, making the score 5-4, Cubs. Still, when Marmol took the mound in the ninth, the Cubs were still winning, making it his game to win or lose. He obviously took the latter.

Cubs manager Dale Sveum has been more than generous with giving Marmol countless opportunities to redeem himself and prove that he is fit to be a closing pitcher. However, things need to change and soon. It’s long overdue to revoke Marmol’s position and give it to someone who is more reliable. It’s time to part ways, move on and find someone else.