Juan Pierre Heating up Will Be Great for Miami Marlins Offense

By David Miller
juan pierre marlins
Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that the Miami Marlins might be very glad about as their uncertain season of 2013 continues is that the Philadelphia Phillies were done with Juan Pierre. Pierre might be a few years older now but he most certainly is still capable of being a strong presence at the top of any line-up. So far he has been kind of quiet and the Marlins offense has been as well. Pierre however is showing signs of hitting better and as he does so, the Marlins offense might show signs of life.

Pierre isn’t going to hit thirty homers from the top of the order but he most certainly can do several things very well. Opposing pitchers can be very frustrated by his ability to slap at almost any ball near the plate. When he is going well that turns into long at-bats that can fatigue the pitcher and usually a slapped single somewhere. Pierre is still plenty fast enough to leg out an infield hit or a bunt single as well.

Simply, he is the catalyst for this young Marlins offense. His feet need to be on those base paths in order for this team to score some runs. From that point the leaders of the young team will emerge. The ones that step up and begin to carry the load with the most homers and RBI will then be featured and expected to be the guys that drive in Pierre when he is on base.

The pitching isn’t something that Pierre can directly control, though for sure his play in the outfield is still very good and helps out any pitcher. Offensively however, they could score some runs in bunches if Pierre continues to get on a roll and others then step up behind him. In the past couple of games Pierre has 3 hits in 8 at-bats. He is certainly the main guy in this offense. Lucky for the Marlins then that he is heating up.

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