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So What if Colorado Rockies Pitchers Juan Nicasio and Edgmer Escalona Fight?

Chris Humpreys-USA Today Sports

So Colorado Rockies pitchers Juan Nicasio (pictured above) and Edgmer Escalona had a brief squabble during warm-ups the other day. What’s the big deal?

Don’t forget that although both of these players are grown men, who will earn close to $1 million between them this season, they’re not always going to behave like adults. After all, they are asked to live a large part of their lives as children. They play a kid’s game for a living. They play childish pranks on each other for a living (like the time Jason Schmidt filled a jelly doughnut with mustard in the visiting clubhouse at PNC Park in 2007. Jonathan Broxton selected the lucky pastry).

They’re boys in men’s bodies. Boys will be boys. Sometimes, that means they’ll fight.

Now, before you Rockies fans start thinking that this is an issue that will fester throughout the season, relax.

In 1986, Don Sutton and Steve Garvey had a physical altercation (or a scratchfest) prior to a game in the Los Angeles Dodgers‘ clubhouse. They came out of it okay. Sutton made it into the Hall of Fame and Garvey continues to try to be relevant in Los Angeles. The team, however, finished fifth in the NL West. However, that had more to do with the team stinking on the field than the fight.

How many couples, dating or married, or friends or roommates get tired of each other once in a while or have a disagreement? Thankfully in most of those cases, the parties have the sense to keep things from escalating. In the case of ballplayers and other professional athletes, the egos, testosterone and adrenaline starts to flow and things sometimes get out of hand.

Sounds to me like manager Walt Weiss did a good job of intervening. The Rockies have several other players on their roster who would be willing to step in for the good of the team. If that doesn’t work, the general manager can send someone packing to another team or the minors.

So keep it real, Rockies fans. A little flare-up doesn’t mean the season is doomed. Boys will be boys, even if they’re supposed to be past the years of immaturity.