Toronto Blue Jays' Fans Lack Class with John Lackey's Injury

By Jonathan Cullen
John Farrell
Derick Hingle-USA Today Sports

Yes, Toronto Blue Jays’ fans, we get it.

We know that you don’t like John Farrell at this point and view him as some sort of a traitor to Canada. Farrell has been romanticized from being what he was, a 154-170 manager with Toronto,  to now being the baseball equivalent of Bill Parcells or Bill Belichick.

Pretty good revisionist history if I don’t say so myself.

Yesterday, the fan base of the Jays crossed a line against the Boston Red Sox. It is one thing to boo Farrell as he goes to drop off the lineup card or to change pitchers, but it is another thing entirely to boo him as he comes out to check on the health of one of his pitchers.

It was pretty apparent that Red Sox starter John Lackey had injured himself during a succession of pitches in the fifth inning against the Jays, with the last pitch bouncing before hitting the left handed batter’s box.

Lackey has spent the last 18 months rehabilitating and recovering from Tommy John surgery, getting himself into the best shape of his life and showing very positive signs this spring. Yesterday was Lackey’s first start since September of 2011.

Instead of a quiet Jays crowd for Lackey’s injury, with his arm slumping at his side, the crowd used this as an opportunity to let Farrell know, again, their displeasure towards him.

There is a time and a place for everything. At the moment, that was neither the time nor the place. You can dislike players on the opposing teams. That is one thing, but ignoring or cheering for an injury is something else entirely.

It feels like the Blue Jays fan base have something of an inferiority complex, feeling jilted by Farrell leaving for greener pastures. I would tell you that I think it is probably the best to have happened to your team. I think it forced management to be far more aggressive in bringing talent like Jose Reyes, R.A. Dickey, Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle to Canada.

Farrell, choosing to leave for the 69-93 Red Sox, might have caused Toronto’s management to look in the mirror. It was a wakeup call for the entire organization. The Blue Jays have a better team because of it.

It is time that the fans of the Blue Jays realized this.

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