What Can Texas Rangers fans expect from Yu Darvish’s second start?

By Kyle McAreavy
Yu Darvish
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As the entire baseball world knows by now, Texas Rangers’ starter Yu Darvish was only one out away from a perfect game last week.

The question going into this year for Darvish was whether we would see the Darvish from the beginning of last season who couldn’t control anything he threw, or the one from the second half of last season who looked amazing.

Well he definitely proved he has the ability to be amazing. He was just that in his first start, showing perfect control and a fantastic assortment of pitches that we got a taste of last year.

Darvish pitched against a pretty weak Houston Astros lineup then, but will face a super-powered Los Angeles Angels lineup in his second start. Now he has to face Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, Mark Trumbo and phenomenal 21-year old Mike Trout.

The hurler will have a much tougher time beating up on the Angels than he did on the Astros, but I believe he can still do it.

I am still skeptical about Darvish’s location, but if he can throw with the same control as he did against the Astros, he will be fine. I am 99 percent sure  that Darvish won’t get that close to a perfect game ever again, but I would say its realistic to expect seven innings and one or two runs, even against the very strong Angels.

Even if he never gets that close to perfection again, I do believe he will throw a no hitter at some point in his bright future.

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