Baltimore Orioles Need a Tad More Pitching to Sit On Top of AL East

By David Miller
baltimore orioles
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

Adam Jones is off to a very good start to this season for the Baltimore Orioles and he isn’t even close to the best start on his team. Chris Davis had 17 RBI through 4 games. Read that one more time. Seventeen through four! This team is scoring some runs folks. Make no mistake about it, as J.J. Hardy and the rest of the boys from Baltimore get things going, the offense in Orioles land is going to be more than above average. At least it should be.

Currently it is well above average and yet the team is just around the .500 mark. That isn’t bad but it makes you wonder what is missing. Honestly it really isn’t that difficult to work out. They are hitting very well and yet not winning all of their games. Clearly they need a little better pitching. They have not been terrible from the hill, not by a long shot. They just need a touch better pitching all around to make things really start to roll.

The American League East is a tough division every single year. The New York Yankees are always in the mix as are two other teams every year. That simply means that not only does a team have to play their best to win the division but their very best is needed from the start just to have a chance at the wildcard. The Orioles definitely have what it takes to take the next step. Last season they were the feel good story. I think if they get a little more pitching at the right time and place, they could be the dominant story next season.

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