Edwin Jackson Needs To Attack The Strike Zone Today

By gilgerard
Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

If the Chicago Cubs are going to beat the Milwaukee Brewers today at their home opener, Edwin Jackson needs to be on top of his game because the offense is pretty mediocre. If Jackson doesn’t throw strikes, stay ahead, and attack, the Cubs could be in trouble. The Brewers are going to be without a few of their key offensive forces so it’s imperative Jackson doesn’t help their cause and walk guys.

I’m not expecting much from this Cubs team as their offense is as bad as imaginable. However, I could tolerate it if they start playing good baseball. There’s a difference between getting beat playing bad, and getting beat. The Cubs need to start playing much better fundamentally and it starts with the guy on the mound.

Edwin Jackson signed a monster deal this offseason and the Cubs need him to live up to it. Whether you agree with the deal or not, it doesn’t matter anymore. Jackson is a Cub for the next few years and he HAS to take the next step in his career. He’s come a long way since a struggling fireballer for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and now he has to get more consistent in his delivery, and attack hitters much more often.

I don’t know if the Cubs’ prospects are going to work out, and it’s too prematurely to live in the future. This team needs to get better. Edwin Jackson needs to get better and it’s time to start holding guys accountable. It all starts today.

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