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Houston Astros: Paul Clemens Is First Prospect To Get Called Up

Scott Rovak-USA TODAY Sports

It hasn’t been made official, but Houston Astros prospect Paul Clemens is on his way to the “show”.

Clemens left yesterday’s Triple-A game, shook hands with coaches and teammates, and even told some fans that he was headed to the Major Leagues. This was Sunday afternoon. It is now 11:00 am central time on Monday, and there has still been no confirmation of this move. However, the Astros beat writer did tell a couple people on Twitter that he was expected to join the Astros, but noting is official.

Yesterday, this move led to many Astros fans speculating. Was Clemens traded for Aaran Harang or Julio Borbon? I’m here to tell you that he wasn’t. Clemens isn’t being rushed by any means. He looked like he was more than capable of handling himself at the MLB level, and finished Spring Training with a 0.00 ERA.

The Astros bullpen has been atrocious. Clemens, who has been a starter in the minors, is probably being brought up to replace Xavier Cedeno, and he will provide much needed relief to this pen.

Outside of yesterday’s game, Cedeno has been awful. I think the biggest reason Cedeno was sent out day after day was to see if he could do it this year. He can’t, and the Astros are calling up Clemens to take his place.

This season is all about trial and error for the Astros. As the season winds down, I believe you may see a roster that can stick, and it could be filled with top prospects. Clemens is the first of many to come.