Joe Mauer Needs To Hit If the Minnesota Twins Are Going to Compete

By gilgerard
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Minnesota Twins are not exactly one of the best teams in baseball but they do have one of the best hitters in baseball. Wait, should it be…they have one of the former best hitters in baseball? Meh- either way. If the Minnesota Twins want to compete this year, Joe Mauer can’t be hitting .225. It’s not going to happen at all if he doesn’t pick it up. Yeah, I’m well aware we’re a week in, but the Minnesota Twins are in a tough division and they can’t fall too far behind and that’s a fact.

I still believe Joe Mauer is a force offensively and I’m starting to wonder if pitchers are exploiting the fact there’s no real protection for him anymore. Some of Mauer’s best years were when Justin Morneau was an MVP himself. Since Morneau’s concussion problems, it seems like Joe Mauer has gone from “elite category” to just another good hitter. He needs to be more than that. He has to get hot and stay hot. It’s a ridiculous amount of pressure for him to ALWAYS come through, but unfortunately the Twins haven’t done enough to put an offense around him. I’m not saying he has to hit 40 homers this year, but he has to hit with guys on base and drive in over 100 runs.

I believe Mauer will pick it up. Heck, he has to pick it up. I’m a huge Twins supporter as I love small market teams so I hope he turns it around soon.

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