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New York Mets: Aaron Laffey Should Be Gone


After yesterday’s comeback win over the Miami Marlins, the New York Mets announced that Aaron Laffey, who started the game, would get another turn in the rotation. For the Mets, giving Laffey another start will be the biggest mistake they’ve made since giving Laffey the start on Sunday.

Against the Marlins, a glorified Triple-A lineup, Laffey lasted just 4.1 innings and he was lucky to have stayed in that long.

He gave up 10 hits, which is an absurdly high number to give up in such a short time against a lineup like the Marlins’. He was not the least bit effective, and if not for solid defense behind him and a great performance in relief by Greg Burke, Laffey would have been on the hook for far more than just three runs.

Mets manager Terry Collins immediately made excuses after the game for why Laffey struggled and why he should get another start, saying that he hadn’t pitched in a while and had to travel across the country on a red eye Saturday morning. But this is Major League Baseball, and there are no excuses — the only thing that matters are results. Laffey didn’t perform and didn’t get results on Sunday, and he did nothing to deserve another start.

Laffey shouldn’t have been given the start in the first place. He wasn’t stretched out enough, he wasn’t ready, and he wasn’t even on the Mets 40-man roster until right before he had to make the start. It also made no sense to start a soft-tossing lefty the day after the Mets started Jon Niese, as Laffey would be much easier for opposing hitters to pick up right after seeing Niese.

The start should have gone to Collin McHugh, who pitched 5.1 innings for Triple-A Las Vegas on Saturday, striking out seven and only allowing one run on four hits. He showed last September that he belongs on a big league mound, and his performance on Saturday in a hitter-friendly environment showed that he’s ready for a return to the big leagues.

Even if the Mets aren’t ready to promote top prospect Zack Wheeler, McHugh is ready and will be a better choice than Laffey. It’s time for the Mets to right a wrong by ditching Laffey and promoting McHugh the next time through the rotation.


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