Matt Harvey Dominates Yet Again, Ready For Spotlight Atop New York Mets Rotation

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Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Forget about the future: Matt Harvey‘s time is now.

At least, that’s what the New York Mets‘ young hurler has loudly announced to the baseball world after his second consecutive dominant outing to start the 2013 season. If you thought that the righty was going to come down to earth a bit after his eye-opening 10-start, 1.2 fWAR run over 59.1 innings in 2012 where the he’d put up a 10.62 K/9, you may want to reconsider.

The Philadelphia Phillies certainly will, as they were mowed down one by one at the hands of the 24-year old on Monday. In all, Harvey struck out nine Philadelphia batters, and the rest of the 17 he faced didn’t do all that well either, as the sophomore allowed just a run on three hits and two walks through seven innings of work.

It’s wasn’t as though the lone run was scored emphatically either, as it came off a sacrifice fly from Ryan Howard in the fourth inning. By then, the Mets had given their starter four runs of support, and it was more than what Harvey needed to earn his second win of the season.

Nah, it wasn’t quite up to the brilliant standard the right-hander set himself up for in his season debut, but you can’t pitch against the San Diego Padres in every start, and that Harvey did what he did on the road against a revamped Phillies squad shouldn’t be understated.

In fact, that might even go for the whole team, who have started the season with a surprising 5-2 record that likely few would have expected them to have at this point.

Not that this hot start over seven games is a major indicator of how the Mets will do for the rest of the season, of course, but in Harvey’s case, it’s difficult not to believe that folks in New York could be watching something special unfold this season.

Watch out, Jonathon Niese. With a few more starts like this, Harvey’s status as the team’s No. 2 pitcher will be in name only — Zack Wheeler or not.