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Cleveland Indians Cannot Win at Home for Some Reason

cleveland indians

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

There are a lot of cool things going on for the Cleveland Indians right now. Their outfield free agent signing is looking to be a huge score. They are getting decent performance across the board as they have a new Terry Francona winning attitude. So far at home they have another kind of attitude going. It’s the famous ‘we can’t seem to bring home a W at home’ kind of attitude.

Little would come from dissecting the fact that the Indians have yet to win. It is completely possible that the one and only reason is that the New York Yankees are on a tear. The Yankees have blasted the Indians in two consecutive games so bad that the Tribe might have actually been pleased for the rainout they got today in order to get a break and gather their momentum.

The Indians will get another shot at the Yankees tomorrow. They should hope that the rain has cooled off a few of the Yankee bats or that theirs will catch fire after the storm. Either way the Tribe could use a good beating to go their way for a change in the final game of the series because they draw the Chicago White Sox, a tough inner division rival over the weekend. Their power can do the same to the Tribe that the Yanks did if not even worse if the boys from Cleveland don’t get their pitching under control.

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