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Detroit Tigers Pitcher Rick Porcello Asked to Prom

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

I was never the dance kind of guy. I skipped most of them in my high school days until my senior year, mostly because my girlfriend at the time wanted to go, all us guys know how that is. Nevertheless, prom is one of the most important events for a young kid in high school. A young woman wanted to make a splash with her date by asking the Detroit TigersRick Porcello to attend with her.

Bethany Weiss was the youngster that wanted Porcello to be her date for the big event, asking him via YouTube hoping to gain the attention of the right-hander. Turns out that it worked….Well kind of. In the video she asks via a parody song of Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen. Although really corny and honestly poorly written, it was funny. She ultimately got his attention, and got a response from the 24-year-old, unfortunately it wasn’t the one she was hoping for.

He wasn’t able to attend with the high school student because the Tigers have a game the night of her prom. He offered a response on the Tigers Live broadcast on Fox Sports Detroit saying, “I’m honored for you asking me to go to the prom with you, might be a little busy that night. Might have a game, but … I wish I could, but thanks for the invitation and have a great time.”

If I know anything about Porcello I’m pretty sure she will get a nice surprise of some kind. Just maybe she will get a trip to Comerica Park to see a game or an autograph, or two. Porcello is a classy guy; he gave up his No. 48 this season with the addition of Torii Hunter, and asked for nothing. Except that Hunter would donate to the hurricane relief fund set up for the victims in the New York and New Jersey area, which is where he grew up.

It’s cool to see these stories every once in a while, and some of the time they work out. Although this one didn’t, it’s nice to see Tiger fans of all ages. Baseball is doing well and good in Detroit, and will be for a long time.

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