No Reason for Cleveland Indians' Nick Swisher to be Hurt

By Andrew Binninger
Nick Swisher New York Yankees
Debby Wong-US Presswire

As the New York Yankees continue to face the Cleveland Indians this week, they will be facing an old friend.

Nick Swisher, who spent four seasons with the Yankees, is now a Cleveland Indian. Prior to his first game against his former team, Swisher said that it “hurt” when the Yankees did not offer him a contract in the off-season. I like Swisher but I think he should feel that way.

You really can’t blame the Yankees for not resigning him. He was good in the regular season, but he did not perform well in October. Swisher played with the Yankees from 2009-2012. In eight postseason series, Swisher went 21-130, a .162 batting average. Going into the 2009 World Series, Swisher hit a combined .125 with zero home runs and one RBI, and Joe Girardi benched Swisher in Game 2.

In the 2012 ALCS against the Detroit Tigers, the Yankees’ hitting was just atrocious. Swisher was just as bad, going a combined 2-8 in games one and two, a .25 batting average. This led to his benching in Game 3.

Another reason that Swisher should not be hurt about the Yankees not offering him a contract is that his salary demands were a bit silly. Swisher signed a four-year $56 million deal with Cleveland in December. He’s a good player, but he is not worth $14 million a year.  The Yankees offered him a respectable $13.3 million qualifying offer, but Swisher was not intrigued.

This was also because the Yankees want their payroll to be below $189 million by the 2014 season, so you can’t blame the Yankees for their offer. Even I thought it was generous and more than they should have offered. You should not offer $14 million to a guy who hit a combined .162 in eight playoff series.

I like Swisher and hope that he does well with the Indians, but it’s understandable why Yankees did not make much of a push to bring him back.

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