The New York Yankees Have Put MLB on Notice: The Bronx Bombers Are Back

By Nik Swartz
Robinson Cano  New York Yankees
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

For all those who loudly proclaimed the New York Yankees wouldn’t be able to put enough crooked numbers on the scoreboard this season, Robinson Cano has a message he wants to deliver — this lineup can still smash the ball.

On Tuesday, Cano led this Yankees make-shift lineup to a 14-1 win over the Cleveland Indians. It was the third game in a row the Yankee bats were loaded.

Last night, in the second game of the series against the Indians, the Yankees put the “Bomber” back in Bronx Bombers as they hammered the Indians with a five-homer barrage. Of course it is early, but this was a true message to all of baseball — don’t sleep on the Yankees.

During their current three-game winning streak, the Yankees have scored 32 runs, nine via the long-ball, with three of the bombs being hit by Cano.

Cano started the season ice cold, but he is the player the Yankees really need to stay competitive until the injured players return. In his last three games, Cano has found the stroke he had in the World Baseball Classic.

The Yankee bats awaking from their slumber oddly started with a win over Justin Verlander.

In the last two games, watching the Yankees is like watching the Yankees of old, the team fans have known and loved over the past 15 years. It is not just Cano hitting, the entire team is on fire at the plate. The most encouraging sign for fans that still believe in this Yankee team is the guys coming off the bench are even hitting. In yesterday’s blowout, Brennan Boesch came in as a late game sub and hit his first homer of the season.

The team that manager Joe Girardi talked about having has shown up in the last three games. In baseball, it’s almost as if hitting is contagious, and the entire lineup has been huge.

Newcomer Travis Hafner played for the Indians for a decade and has enjoyed his homecoming. He hit a home run in his first game back at Progressive Field. On Monday, he went 2-3 with four RBI, three runs and added two walks.

Hafner has been playing good all season, he is hitting like the Hafner everyone in MLB knows he can be. He is another key move GM Brian Cashman made in the off-season.

The player Cashman got more out of fear was Vernon Wells. Wells has been everything and more for the Yankees. Wells is batting .381, with 2HR and a 1.262 OBS. This is the Wells the Los Angeles Angels thought they signed. For once, the Yankees are benefiting from another team trying to dump salary.

The Wells move may not have been in the plan, but it was the best move made by the Yankees in the offseason. Many doubted the trade, as many doubted the Yankees.

Well those two powerhouses have started this young season 4-11. The Blue Jays best pitcher is not an AL pitcher and will get smacked around all year. The Angels best pitcher just got injured and will be out 4-6 weeks.

Let’s not forget the Angels’ biggest mistake of the offseason – giving Josh Hamilton all that money. Hamilton has left more runners on base than anyone in baseball. Over the weekend Albert Pujols was walked twice, just so the Texas Rangers could pitch to Hamilton. In both cases, it was the right move.

It is understandable that fans who despise the “Evil Empire” jump all over the team, but to have former players jump on the ‘Down with the Yankees’ bandwagon is weak.

Just like the 1-3 start was nothing to worry about, the three-game winning streak and the Yankees getting to .500 does have meaning, but it does not declare the Yankees are back, any more than the 1-3 start declared them out of it. What the three game winning streak has shown is that the team Cashman put together can win.

The biggest key for this Yankees team will be in the next two games. Starts by pitchers Ivan Nova and Phil Hughes starts will show if they belong in the starting rotation, as well as if the Yankees have a legitimate shot of competing this season.

The Yankee lineup has proved they can score and the Yankees have proved that this team, right now, can win. If they want to win consistently, they need the pitchers after the top three horses to pitch well.

Nik Swartz is a featured columnist for the New York  Yankees. Follow him on Twitter @Sweetnesz13  or Google+.

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