Wrigley Field is the Augusta National of Baseball

By Reid Lester
Augusta National - The Masters
Jack Gruber-USA TODAY Sports

As the final storms of winter blanket much of the country, spring has arrived in all its glory at Augusta National.  This weekend Cubs fans will change the channel away from the friendly confines of Wrigley Field to catch a glimpse of the tranquil landscape of the Masters.

It is easy for Chicago Cubs fans to identify with the history and tradition of the Masters.  We are blessed to watch our beloved Cubs play at Wrigley.  Every day we have the opportunity to see baseball played on the grandest stage in the game.  Visiting players walk the field and look out at the ivy-covered walls with a bit of reverence.

Augusta National is the Mecca for golfers and fans of golf alike.  Every fan of the game should make the pilgrimage once in their life.  To walk where the legends played connects you with the history of the game.  Every year the greats like Arnold Palmer, Gary Player, and Jack Nicklaus tee off to begin the tournament.

Cubs fans get a similar treatment.  Every year we anticipate opening day at Wrigley.  We hope for a glimpse of green in the ivy.  We look forward to our first hotdog and Old Style.  We wait in anticipation for our legend, Ernie Banks to sing the 7th inning stretch.  Yes, spring is here both at Wrigley and Augusta National.  The two cathedrals of spring sports are in full swing.  It should be a great weekend for all of us who enjoy tradition and value the history of the game.

By Reid Lester

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