Chicago Cubs President Receives Dead Goat Head

By Stephanie Lynn


Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

With all the crazy superstitions that surround the Chicago Cubs, the events that happened at Wrigley Field on Wednesday are beyond delusional.

Cubs’ chairman Tom Ricketts arrived at Wrigley Field on Wednesday to find one of the most repulsive “gifts” one can imagine: a dead goat’s head. According to AOL Sports News, a suspicious box was found outside the ballpark around 2:30 p.m on Wednesday, which prompted stadium officials to call the police.

That’s right. Someone seems to be so outraged by the supposed “Curse of the Billy Goat” that much of Chicago blames the Cubs’ depressing past on, that a goat was decapitated and sent to the team president.

Not familiar with the Cubs history? This team’s “curse” makes the Boston Red Sox’s “Curse of the Bambino” look like a joke. Legend has is it that just before a Cubs’ playoff game in 1954, a local bar owner tried to bring his pet goat into the game, but the goat was turned away. The man was so infuriated that he claimed to put a curse on the team for denying his goat entrance to the game, and ever since, the Cubs have supposedly been under “the Curse of the Billy Goat.”

Whether you believe in the curse or not, the actions taken by the person or people on Wednesday are beyond repulsive. I’m just as angry about the massive renovation Ricketts is putting the 99-year-old ballpark through and the outrageous changes that he’s trying to make to historic Wrigley Field, but harming an innocent animal and sending the remains to the stadium is not going to solve any problems.


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