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Do the San Francisco Giants have Championship Swagger?

san francisco giants

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

It would be difficult to look at the 2013 San Francisco Giants as anything but World Series favorites because the won it all last season. Other teams want to play their best against them and they expect to win every single game. Some make news for a four or give game losing streak while the Giants could lose two or three in a row and make big time news. All of the extra press comes with the championship package as do lofty expectations.

Do the Giants live up to those however? They haven’t pitched completely lights out and they certainly haven’t won every game by five or ten runs. Does that mean they aren’t walking around or playing ball with the proper championship swagger that they should have? No, it doesn’t mean that at all.

One of the great things about baseball is how different it is from every other major sport. The most dramatic celebration in the game of baseball is for a walk-off homer. Even that starts with jogging, maybe a flipped bat and high fives. A three pointer to end a basketball game or a game winning touchdown in football bring terribly different reactions.

Also different is the championship feel of this team. They are the champs for a reason and just like every other sport; they are the champs until someone beats them to another championship. In baseball however that looks quite different. This Giants team has it. How many times have they struggled in a game already this year just to fight their way back and win?

It isn’t impossible to beat the Giants now. It won’t be so all year. If you beat them however, outside of a fluky lopsided affair, you will know for sure you earned it. That is why they are going to be difficult to beat in every other month of the year; including October.

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