Down on the Farm: Chicago Cubs' Jorge Soler Ejected

By Stephanie Lynn
Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports

Chaos erupted in Wednesday night’s game between the Daytona Cubs’ and the Clearwater Thresher’s when Daytona’s Jorge Soler apparently became agitated while sliding into second during the seventh inning.

According to, Soler, the Chicago Cubs’ No. 3 prospect, felt that the Thresher’s Carlos Alonso “came down on him” while Soler was trying to break up a double play. The two exchanged heated words before returning to their respective dugouts, but that wasn’t enough for 21-year-old Soler. The Cubs’ right fielder then grabbed a bat and made his way towards the Clearwater dugout, continuing to make remarks towards the opposing team, reports.

Following the maddness of the game, Daytona manager Dave Keller told the Daytona Beach News-Journal of Soler’s episode, “I think that he was frustrated by some things and there was some emotional things he was fighting with. Why he did that, I don’t know. I think he was frustrated by what happened.”

Regardless of why Soler lost his cool during the game, his actions were completely unacceptable. “There were two separate incidents and there was really no fight,” Keller added. “But because nobody was around him when he was running across the field with a bat … that makes things a little bit crazy.” reports that Keller told the News-Journal that he did not know if Soler would face any disciplinary actions from the Florida State League or the Cubs.

While I think we’ll hear more about the seeming inevitable punishment Soler will face, he may have done some serious damage to his bright future. Will the Cubs want to deal with a young player that now appears to have quite the temper? It would be catastrophic if Soler had a repeat meltdown in the majors, giving the Cubs an even worse name.

Thanks to Soler and his childish behavior, the Cubs may have to work a little harder to protect their reputation as a professional baseball team.

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